Wireframe Icons for OmniGraffle


About the Icons

Icons can be helpful for providing visual cues for functions in user interfaces. But when you're wireframing (creating user interface schematics), little blank boxes can be poor substitutes for communicating the purpose of the icon. This is a set of grayscale vector cursors and icons that come in handy when designing wireframes. The icons are designed to work well with your wireframe stencils, and all icons are in vector format so they'll keep your file sizes small and can be scaled, and they can be re-colored by altering fill attributes

What's Included in the Icon Set

The product includes a stencil file for OmniGraffle, the easy-to-use Mac diagramming software. You'll find a standard set of cursors, rich text editor controls, file system actions, social interaction symbols, ratings and voting controls, and a host of other icons for most of the behaviors you may want to communicate with an icon.

License Agreement

The Wireframe Icons are provided for use with OmniGraffle for both personal, nonprofit, and commercial purposes for a single user in OmniGraffle documents. If you wish to use the wireframe icons in commercial applications, you may purchase a Royalty Free License. See the the Wireframe Icons, Royalty Free EPS and PNG page for more information.


  1. Log in, then go to your accounts page by clicking the "Account" link in the upper right side of the header.
  2. Beneath your user name you'll see a link for "Files." Click that and you'll find a link for your download.
  3. Unzip and move the file to your ~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils directory. The ~ represents your user "home" folder.

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